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coup de cœur

coup de cœur Two paintings showing the interior of a wine cellar on the Windows of wijn- en delicatessenzaak Pasteuning Deliwijn BV. The fictitious image plays with the voyeurism of the average spectator. You get the illusion to look in a wine

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Zak/Bag A sculpture for the inmates of the prison in Rotterdam. The inmates can unload their aggres-sion, frustration etc. on this piece of art: a gigantic red boxing bag with the name: BeideKunstenaars, translated as Both Artists. The installation BAG is made to receive one'saggression. A



Verlichting/ Enlightenment 2 Photowalls with a permanent location at the Public Library at Baarn the Netherlands. The narrow frames are giving a cinematic overall picture of a woman with all her awareness and senses in the world of her book. The book that guides



Windows Three paintings showing the interior of the reception of Plasman Lawyer office. The fictitious image plays withe the voyeurism of the average spectator. You’re not looking inside but at the image of a painting. 1994 - Three paintings mounted on the slats


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